Ed Brenegar
The world is now filled with leaders who know that they are, and are motivated to make a difference that matters where they live and work.

Vlad Vukicevic
Without Seth, our little company wouldn't be where it is today.

Enjiao Chen
What did you learn when you were 21 that might have made you who you are now?

Bernie J Mitchell
Since reading Linchpin I have given a name to my pain: "Lizard Marketing". My goal is for you to think it is better you read this than we talk about you when you leave the room.

Adrian Bashford
Seth's Power to Motivate

Yasmina Zaidman
And what he communicates to me each time I see him, is "Go. Do. It matters."

Jeremy Epstein
No one has done more to shape my worldview on marketing and then given me the courage to fight the battles against entrenched thinking than he has.

Donna von Hoesslin
This slideshow took over a year to culminate into what it is. The final creative push I got for this was from reading Linchpin.

Elizabeth Obih-Frank
The Genius of Seth: Making Sense of Our Creative Freedom

Todd Henry
Several years ago I read "Purple Cow" and it was like a "finger in the chest" challenging me to get moving on my ideas or to stop talking about them.

Becky Blanton
Before Seth I knew I was a storyteller. After Seth I knew why.

Jule Kucera
A bald-headed butterfly flaps his wings and...

David Pu'u
I have discovered that an entire cadre of leadership exists who engage the world with hopeful optimism and cogent steadfastness.

Bill Nicoson
To me its more about his philosophy of life and living and how it integrates into his passion for helping people.

Happy 50th Birthday
Our gift to you, Seth, on your 50th birthday: fifty stories from people whose lives and worlds your work has changed.

Angela Lussier
A little YouTube video for Seth's birthday.

Allan Kent
Serendipity or catalyst? No matter, as long as you commit to ship.

Beth Heavrin
Giving the lizard brain a name has been catalyst I've needed to move forward.

Marcos Gaser
The years that I followed his blog changed my thinking and my philosophy.

Aron Stevenson
I don't need permission to raise my standards and challenge the status quo.

Pamela Belding
Seth's inspiration has given me the ambition to become an inspirational artist, writer, and entrepreneur.

Paul Lewis
It's not about what I want, it's about what the customer wants.

Jamie Brodersen
I believe that it was through reading Seth's books and blog that lead to a revolution in my life.

Dr Mani Sivasubramanian
= = = = = EPIPHANY = = = = =

Ekta Grover
Stories of Change do not lie under your bed. Slogging and plodding --that's the only way you get to the last page --as you finally brim past that mediocrity and usher into the "Remarkable" . Where is the purple cow in you ? Change lanes NOW !

Anne McCrossan
Daring to dream big has become a raison d'etre instead of a damned inconvenient character trait.

Shawn McCormick
I am a Seth-aholic

Rex Williams
Engineers never knew they could be so motivated by a marketer.

Pat Ferdinandi
Don't you just hate the ones that remind you how old we really are!

Frances Schagen
Any one can do what needs to be done, they just have to actually get off their duff and do it!

Vincent Leleux
Seth has changed my life and it's only a beginning.

Bronwyn McConville
Seth's Remarkable Gifts.

Ziona Etzion
Since discovering Seth's work, my world has changed because...I learned to speak with my authentic voice.

Anwen Vaughan
Seth has reminded me to listen to my gut and go with what I feel is the right thing to do.

Jodi Kaplan
A small step becomes a giant leap.

Christine Piel
I was one of your original junkies. You are to me what the water pump was to Helen Keller.

Jamie Baker
It seems I have been lucky enough to tap into an endless well, a reservoir of wisdom, humor, experience, and truth.

Judy Vorfeld
His writing is a form of respect for me and me alone.

Jaslyn Hall
I took off my rose coloured glasses.

Tom Bentley
I've realized that even if all my hair does fall out, I can use my baldness as a positioning statement.

Chris Taylor
There was a tribe, ready and waiting for me to lead. So I did.

Joshua Harbert
You told me to do it anyway and so I do.

Sarah Farrugia
It's not easy to be a torch bearer, but you make it look like it is.

Andrew Levitt
Proud to be a Seth-head! - on tour since 1999!

Alex Beattie
Since I started reading, listening and meeting you, my work and my personal life is exceedingly more fulfilling.

Aodan Enright
Inspiration for the tribe

Gina Stama
My creativity wheel started turning faster, business ideas cropped up, I got a spring in my step and things began moving forward.

Alan Parr
Truly, Seth managed to inspire me to action and I haven't stopped writing since.

Vanessa Kincaid
I have learned to see rather than just look.

Ben Love
I am completely aware that I'm attributing significant professional success to a single book and this was absolutely the case.

Juxta Beers Dunn
I have somewhere to go when everyone insists that the world is dark and gray and hopeless.

NYC Triiibes
Triiibes Conference in New York City in January 2010