Seth, you are the reason I'm experiencing the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Several years ago I read "Purple Cow" and it was like a "finger in the chest" challenging me to get moving on my ideas or to stop talking about them. I decided to launch a business, Accidental Creative, and following your cue I decided to spread my ideas not by selling them, but by giving them away in the form of podcasts.

Fast forward: since I was young I've had the dream of writing a book. This year I'm getting my chance, and the fact that it's through the same publisher as "Purple Cow" is so very appropriate. This dream would not have been fulfilled had you not first inspired me to act. To ship. To have the courage to be remarkable in some way.

Your generosity challenges us to be more generous.

Your passion for your work raises the water level for passion in all of us.

You are a gift, and you are changing the world.


Linchpin is Purple Cow for people. Someone worth talking about, someone worth crossing the street to say hello to, someone who refuses to be an interchangeable cog in a vast machine. This isn't easy to do, which is precisely why it's worth so much.