Seth turned my world upside down and inside out.

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I heard about Seth through a client of mine. I read his books, joined his social network and a year later I was on my way to speak at TED Global 2009 about the year I spent living in a van as one of America's working homeless. TED, and speaking there, changed me. It changed the way I look at the world, at people and most importantly the way I look at possibilities. Seth provided the support and encouragement and parted the curtains to a world I didn't know existed. Before Seth I knew I was a storyteller. After Seth I knew why.

Thanks Seth. I hope you're around another 50 years. It's great knowing you!

Becky Blanton


If your goal is to be big, there?s no doubt that taking every gig you can makes sense. Pricing for the masses, building the biggest factory and running as fast as you can is the very best way to get big. And if big equals successful, you?re done. Many of us have realized, though, that big doesn?t equal successful. If success (for you) is a decent (or indecent) wage plus the time to do really good work and enjoy both your job and your family, then perhaps you?re trying too hard and doing too much. Perhaps you need to be a lot pickier in what you do and for who you do it.