A bald-headed butterfly flaps his wings and...

...writes a column for 'Fast Company' magazine and I see it

...because of the column, when I'm in an airport looking for something to read on the plane, I pick up 'Free Prize Inside'

...because of 'Free Prize', I subscribe to the butterfly's blog

...because of a post, I start to think differently about my business

...because of many posts, I sign up for Triiibes

...because of many posts and what I read on tribes and what the tribesters tell me to read, I realize there is zero degree of separation between me and Kevin Bacon and I start to think differently about my life

...because I am now thinking differently, I decide to start a blog with a lame idea

...because the idea is lame, the small group of business women with whom I meet so that I can do the things I've been learning about tell me to write about Trent instead and I do

...because I now have something to write about that I care about and it is not lame, I launch the blog and I tell my very teeny tribe

...the butterfly man congratulates me and asks, "What will you do to get through the dip?"

...because the butterfly man has asked and because I have not read it, I read 'The Dip' and I am able to answer his question (answer: when I have nothing left to say)

...because I have answered the butterfly man's question I keep writing and posting even when I don't feel like it and because there is a printout on my refrigerator with words from the butterfly man that says making art is important

...because making art is important I keep going (not very far yet, not 3000+ posts but still farther than I would have gotten) and a woman reads my blog

...because the woman reads my blog she gains additional courage to leave a man she is married to who stopped loving her and started loving someone else 8 years ago and who spent all their money; she files for divorce and bankruptcy simultaneously and she sends me an email about it

...because of the email I have confirmation that the blog matters to more people than just me and I keep writing and I do not get a 'real job' even though there is potentially a very good one working for one of my clients but the butterfly man has said many things in many places that assure me that I'm better off taking responsibility for myself than entrusting my future to an organization, no matter how benevolent that organization appears

...because the butterfly man says we can earn money without real jobs and because he himself is an example of that and because I am less afraid that I will be homeless some day if I keep this up and because I am learning to allow the lizard to ride in the car with me but not take the wheel, I have decided I will be safe and fine and not homeless and I have decided to get a dog

Thank you, Seth.

Happy birthday to you and to all the things that have been birthed because of you.


Jule Kucera


Cogs see a job, linchpin see a platform. Every interaction, every assignment is a chance to make a change, a chance to delight or surprise or to touch someone.