I have been following Seth for a relatively short time. A friend sent me a Youtube video where Seth was being interviewed (it looked almost like a man in the street interview). Anyway, I have read all of Seth's books. I constantly share his insights with Pastors that I work with. I am sure that many are following Seth now on Twitter, etc.

He has profoundly influenced my thinking and has been very affirming about thoughts I have had to make community impact. It's really all about serving each other. I love his willingness to give himself away to people. He has great insights into how the world is evolving and I am just glad that I get to be a part of it.

His work is far reaching and has impact that I am sure that he is not even aware of. To me its more about his philosophy of life and living and how it integrates into his passion for helping people. All the other technical advice is very useful, but it's the underlying message of helping each other that has its greatest appeal for me.

Seth congratulations and keep on keeping on as they say!


What does a leader look like? I've met leaders all over the world, on several continents, and in every profession. I've met young leaders and old ones, leaders with big tribes and tiny ones. I can tell you this: leaders have nothing in common. They don't share gender or income level or geography. There's no gene, no schooling, no parentage, no profession. In other words, leaders aren't born. I'm sure of it. Actually, they do have one thing in common. Every tribe leader I've met shares one thing: the decision to lead.