I'm a engineer who was always interested in marketing, and I became more fascinated with it after reading some of Seth's early work in Fast Company, and then devouring "Purple Cow". This led to my purchasing nearly all of his books (I still think I am missing one) and my eventual "decay" (:-)) into a Seth Groupie. There. I said it "I am a groupie".

Not only have I missed work to attend his book launch ("Linchpin") and the "Triiibes" conference, I've completely changed the way I think about working for others, and know that this is not the future. Occasionally, I experience "The Dip", but I've met so many supportive friends around the world through the tribe, that someone always sets me back on the rails. I can no longer watch a 30 slide presentation of 12 pt bullets without my mind drifting back to Manhattan in January and the hypnotic presentation skills of Seth.

Mr. Godin has unleashed the idea virus on me and it can't be contained. I have spread his ideas far and wide, and infected many. One poor soul even proceeded to unleash Linchpin on everyone in his company after a simple LinkedIn "What are You Reading?" update.

I am fighting my addiction. I can usually go at least a week now without using phrases like "TV-Industrial complex" or "interchangeable parts led to interchangeable people". I can even go 2-3 days without checking his blog posts. But fundamentally Seth has changed who I am and how I think. I will benefit generously from it in my lifetime. My children? Even more so.

Thanks Seth - 'Happy Birthday' doesn't seem like enough to say. You are a generous soul, and your gifts will benefit many for decades to come.


What happens when you define a win as getting closer to someone who wants the same thing? Or when you define it as improvement over time? Or in creating trust?