Browsing through a second hand book store, one book cover just stood out - "Free Prize Inside" with the super hero guy saying "Make Something Happen!" That was a book I needed right at that moment. And ever since, Seth's ideas have pushed me to the edges of what I thought was possible.

My personal connection with Seth came when I had the opportunity to hire him to speak to the Boeing Company, but since it was cost prohibitive for him to travel (plus, he didn't like to fly at the time) we created a unique arrangement for him to be web-cast from a small local studio near his home to all Boeing employees (if they chose to show up.) Engineers never knew they could be so motivated by a marketer. He made an impact. People realized that they could make a difference if they chose to, even within the confines of a large bureaucratic corporation.

After joining the Triiibe, good things just started to happen to me everywhere.

I received a job offer for a dream job that was directly related to my community building skills I learned in the Triiibe. Plus, many other good things happened at work, too numerous to mention.

I also had no idea you could develop such great relationships and have so much fun just by text. The Triiibe was like nothing else. We made a difference in each other's lives. And the party culminated for me when I had the opportunity to help plan a 'Triiibes Only' conference the day before and after Seth's Linchpin Launch Session in New York in January 2010. It's hard to describe the surreal feelings of meeting people in person you only knew by text, but I think the experience was so fantastic because these people were even more amazing in person. This is no ordinary Triiibe.

The way Seth can connect and make you feel like old friends in only 6 words in an email is truly a gift. And it's only one of the many gifts he's given me, and many other individuals, for a long time. The only gift I think I can give in return, and that he would want, is that I spread his message.

Thanks Seth. I hope the next 50 years are just as meaningful.


The system is pretty simple: Go for the edges. Challenge yourself and your team to describe what those edges are (not that you'd actually go there), and then test which edge is most likely to deliver the marketing and financial results you seek.