Seth has changed my life and it's only a beginning.

At the Linchpin Meetup on the 14th of July, one of my dream started to take shape.

1- I met a fabulous guy and we are the best buddies in the world now, we are highly inspired by each other
2- this guy founded the charity that won the Linchpin Magazine Competition
3- We were filmed by a couple of guys, who made a short film about the meet up: we are actually the ones featuring in this short movie : it is on Vimeo :
4- this guys recontacted us and we are now on a project of a weekly web TV around and starting from Seth and the Linchpin concept.

making a web Tv was one of my dreams, and now it's even better because we got a team ( a director and a cameraman ) to help us make it. Plus I am not doing it on my own any longer, it will be much easier to talk to my buddy than to the camera.

the lessons I got from that are mainly 2:

- Show and express your passion: it's because Seth and Linchpin relighted my fire and because I shared this burning passion that I am now working on one of my dearest dreams
- ASK ASK ASK, if you just ask you will lighten something in the person you ask something to : it's because I asked this director ( see ) to help me to make my web TV that he came back to me sometimes later.

if you ask with passion, it's more likely it will happen !!!

Ask with passion and you will get others involved emotionally in your passionating project.


What happens when you define a win as getting closer to someone who wants the same thing? Or when you define it as improvement over time? Or in creating trust?