Think big


Since discovering Seth's work, my world has changed because...I learned to speak with my authentic voice.


Be bold




*How I “met” Seth

Long before I knew anything at all about Seth, his picture popped up and I went to read about him on his profile. What did I find?  The profile was blank! 

I thought to myself what kind of “nebbish” puts up a blank profile, does he not know how to tell people a bit about himself!

I googled him and discovered my ignorance.  The man had a lot to say and he even had a number of books to his credit.

The first connection with Seth was on Facebook.

In November, Seth posted about an alternative MBA program that he was going to launch. It was an unaccredited, residential, free and six months long.  This was an entirely revolutionary concept, a new way to learn, about a different way of doing business.

*Invitation to send an entry for the altMBA

I came across this url and decided to check it out.

Found it was Seth Godin... (do I need to say more!)
Instead of getting an MBA, consider spending six months in my office.

Here's the program I'm interested in creating:
One hour a day of class/dialogue
Four hours a day of working on my projects
Three hours a day of working on your personal project
Five hours a day of living, noticing, doing and connecting

The program I'd like to do is not an internship. You don't get paid, you don't do scout for work, you are not on your own. This is guided quest, one that delivers value to you (from the learning and the doing) and to me (from the teaching and
 from the work you'll produce.)

*Blew my mind...thought...he means me! 

Seth walks on this earth with an open mind. Though he had his own beliefs that are wider than most people I know, he understood and honored the beliefs of others enough to tell us to go out there are think how you would like to improve the current situation, no instructions on how, no roadmap respecting the choices of others. There are so many lessons she taught us by not directing the play. He knows that we have to find out for ourselves. He seems ready to help, but had the wisdom to let us make our own way.

I would have loved to be chosen to be part of the group.

The selection process was in itself a wonderful experience for the people that took part and truly democratic.

I really think we can do this, and that it can be just as amazing as what the people in the "official" program are going to get.

This encouraged me to go out and speak on a few occasions.

I am writing about this because I believe this is exactly what Seth wants us to do is go out and share ideas.

10:30-15:00 "Bird Brain 10" an Un-Conference about Creative Passion

(Bird Brain: loosely, from the Hebrew "Yesh li zsiporim barosh")

organized by Mel Rosenberg, Noam Fine, Yossi Vardi, Sharon Ariel and Afeka College, with the guidance of Yossi Vardi.



- No charge (who would pay?)

- At the unconference passionate creative people are welcome to share their thoughts and vision for making the world a finer place

- Presentations are from 7 to 10 minutes (we decide). So come and strut your stuff (as long as slots remain) according to one of five categories

     a. laying eggs (the creative process) 

     b. incubation (speaks for itself)

     c. nesting and roosting (social media)

     d. spreading your wings (sharing and reaching out )


This was the conclusion to the conference.

UnConference   Blog   Hum@nk?nd

To chirp or not to chirp is the question? I hope that this does not turn into a squawk while I lay this egg!

The contribution I have is my humanity. I am Ziona Etzion … Zee to people that know me.

My connection with the social media started with a Start-up …the whole process intrigued me.

My aim is to have enduring impact on those that I come into contact with. That they remember me for listening to them talking, sharing of myself and life, making each person feel special for being the person that they are and most of all making them laugh with me and bringing happiness into their lives.

I decided to share what I have learned about online conversations.  The way, I think, we communicate with one another, the purpose of this communication and how we can use it to our best advantage.  I am here to talk about the potential for collaboration.

Did you think about why we are gathered in the room today?  Obviously birds of a feather…

What is the common thread?  Many of us follow Jeff, at his breakfast gatherings, and this is how we turned into a flock.

Isn’t it about time that we realize that the best ideas come out of creative people, who look at things and say “what if”?

There is a new generation out there that hasn’t been brainwashed to think that their ideas don’t matter.

Fresh eyes create exciting new ideas, while years of experience produce the same dead end results…stagnation.  Did you ever think about how creative we are on line.  We create the environment of our choosing by what we do and say on line, by the type of people we attract.  Do you have any idea of how much personal growth one goes through when one throws oneself out there and flies in the wind.

Like Birds, we are able to fly because of a variety of specialized adaptations.

I am an artist and I see networking as an art form.  It is an opportunity to share and express thoughts, paint vivid pictures of our desires and build a group who strive for what we see.  It allows me to be creative, passionate and share my personality.

To share my intuition, wear my heart on my sleeve. Doing it with humor while being able to laugh with others at myself!

Have you ever thought about the role networking play in your life?  It is a place to roost.  By twittering within the group, we become a network, by developing common ideas and perceptions. A network is only as strong as the members that it contains and the synergy within it.

We use social media to elevate our critical thinking, creative communication.

Do you think about how your feathers are groomed?

We get to choose which feathers to pluck, the keys to our image.  Do you realize that you get to decide how you do this part?  This is how we brand ourselves!

What do we talk about?

We talk about our interests, hobbies, family, relationships, books, current affairs and sometime our business agenda.  It is easily realized what causes conversation.  .

I look for the kinds of ideas that spark the imagination. I see myself as a change agent.  A high flying bird.  A person that is passionate about life? 

It amazes me how this media has opened doors?  We have become culturally intelligent. The way we communicate.  Norms of communication have changed.

Previously we would not have walked up to someone in the street and thought “you look interesting to me so I will invite you for coffee.”

On the internet it is not considered bad form…I hope…for then I am then to be pronounced…guilty!

The challenge is to bring this valuable tool to all people for them to have direct access to technology, be socialized and digitally informed.  In order for us to connect better and empower ourselves.

Did you ever wonder how it actually serves you?
In my research I have found that many people like me are searching for answers.  One question is can the social media feather one’s nest?

I started out exploring not knowing what I would find out there.  I was looking for people connected to non-profits that could interact with the community I was building. 

At first I timidly joined existing groups and listened to what was going on, how people behaved with one another, what subject’s people were comfortable to talk about, what provoked them to talk out at times and learned where these conversations were taking place.  This inspired me to build my own groups.

I saw how people were learning about one another, finding their strengths, identifying opportunity, learning and exploring where these conversations could lead one.

When we do this we learn what our new learning means in practical term and how we can measure the value, by learning what works for us in term of helping us reach our goals.

This is a new way of doing things some people may find it complex and need to realign their thinking in order to understand the new perspectives.  We are all learning to fly.

As I said “I see myself as a change agent.”  So, what part do these meetings play in our lives?

Many of us feel we have no power to change what is and think this is the natural order of things… the way of the world.  Social structures are based on domination and competition.  The intention is not just to talk about a new perspective but to shift the paradigm, to fly in formation, in order to make social change easier.

I want to create the “something else” that will enhance people’s lives, to turn the system around by example and encourage the community to start acting on a different level; a level of their choosing that satisfies their needs and that of their community.

Are there people in this room thinking they have had same ideas, but they were afraid of spread it?  People are afraid of change?

The fact that many miss is, that networking groups are merely the starting point; most relationships built and the business done are based on understanding developed outside of the meetings.

This is a call to action, become a flock.  Let’s do something remarkable.


* Seth touched me in a profound way

Seth touched me in a profound way with LINCHPIN.  He made me feel that I was not alone in my dreaming, that my vision had a foundation and that I was not the only nut out there, baring my soul.  That someone else also saw the need for all that I had been doing and working for!



*This is a call to the Triiibes to take note that we have become Linchpins!

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Did you notice after a long period of quiet, there is a lot of activity here. 

The roughly 800 worldwide meet-ups have put the ball in motion.

Seth shared ideas in his book and said to the people go out and lead.

He did not give a direction, instructions or a recipe for success.

He asked us to think what is needed in our community and start with that.

Invite a group of friends and do an activity, a bonding activity and offer

each other support.

Take small steps and see where they lead.

The other option is to join the global visionaries and start interacting with

this group... Both process both on-line and meetups in order to see where this leads us.

In this process we are still asked to form a home circle.

This is a grass-roots way of starting a process that will enrich the lives

of all those that take part.

People come and join us.  There are amazing thought leaders on Triiibes. Come out and share.



WHO ELSE NOTICED? Seth launched Linchpin Day June the 14th which followed by on #smday June the 30th by Pete Cashmore

Is there a commonality here?  Yes for sure...


Seth came up with the idea and it was a great one.

"Today we acknowledge and celebrate the revolution of media becoming social. A day that honors the technological and societal advancements that have allowed us to have a dialogue, to connect and to engage not only the creators of media, but perhaps more importantly, one another."



I do recall being profoundly struck by the similarity of the two groups which are basically those that are comfortable online, mainly marketers and those that also are sociable networkers.

Quoting Vadim Lavrusik "Social Media Day celebrated yesterday did exactly
what it was intended to do: connect thousands of people face-to- face in their
local communities, provide resourceful discussions around social media, and
plant a seeds ."
for ongoing monthly meetups that enable people to network and learn from one another




We have a Birthday Boy in our Triiibe


The call of duty


The gang of Triiibes

The call

To gather round

On Seth's Birthday 

Showing who we are

Linchpins at play

Love it

Most of us have not even met personally

Yet there is most definitely a bond

A common thread

Of good intent

Reeling us in

With a ribbon

And tying us together

you are someone

who thinks of great ideas,

invents stuff,

starts projects,

Knows how to collaborate 

a man who went far beyond

the call of duty 

50 years of value



Making them known

In order to make

People think!


Ziona Etzion



Turn strangers into friends. Turn friends into donors And then... do the most important job: Turn your donors into fundraisers.