I was different from all the other business people I met but didn't know why, until I began to read your column in Fast Company. I was one of your original junkies. You are to me what the water pump was to Helen Keller. I'll never forget the day I went to my mail box and found my Purple Cow milk carton. I am looking at it as I type this from my desk. It is a symbol to me of all Godin. Thank you Seth. You changed my way of thinking, you gave me permission to be the Brander that I am, to be risky. Your books and lectures have given me the confidence to be remarkable. I takeaway something from every Blog of yours I read and I am still proudly seducing sneezers to this day.


Linchpin is Purple Cow for people. Someone worth talking about, someone worth crossing the street to say hello to, someone who refuses to be an interchangeable cog in a vast machine. This isn't easy to do, which is precisely why it's worth so much.