On this most fair of summer days
I wish to give two humble words to you
That I may pay respect for the many ways
My life has changed, so "Thank You"
You gifted words which although were to many written
Seemed somehow to be for me and for no other
They were not a map or guide, but rather
A reminder of a dream I had somehow forgotten
Though such dreams were far too big or so they seemed
You told me to do it anyway and so I do
With hope I now live what I have dreamed
And yet again I must say the words, "Thank You"
But now I must excuse myself and hence depart
For I must return to my work of art


What does a leader look like? I've met leaders all over the world, on several continents, and in every profession. I've met young leaders and old ones, leaders with big tribes and tiny ones. I can tell you this: leaders have nothing in common. They don't share gender or income level or geography. There's no gene, no schooling, no parentage, no profession. In other words, leaders aren't born. I'm sure of it. Actually, they do have one thing in common. Every tribe leader I've met shares one thing: the decision to lead.