Hi Seth -

Happy birthday, and thanks for all that you do, every day, to make a significant difference and improvement in my life, both personally and professionally.

Perhaps you have a sense of the impact that you make, but let me take this moment - in honor of your 50th birthday - to highlight the top 3 things that I admire most in you:

- You take complex issues, and make them easy to understand and simple to share

- You show up every day with fresh thinking, innovative ideas, and breakthrough concepts that cause your readers to evaluate what they are doing and think about how they can do it better

- Every blog post you write feels like you wrote it just for me (and so many other people I talk to about you think the exact same thing! - and THAT is remarkable!)

I've followed you religiously for the past ten years, and you've been a steady influence in shaping the way I think about business, entrepreneurship, and innovation. In fact, I've been influenced by your thinking so significantly that I've built my business on your fundamental principles of permission, being remarkable and making myself indispensable - and it's worked! (and your blog post about "safe is risky" was the significant catalyst to me diving in to the world of running my own business!)

I've told countless numbers of people about your blog, your books and your ideas, and I'm a better person from it (and so are they!).

You're insights helped pull me through some challenging times in my life, but I kept the thinking behind The Dip in mind to come out ahead on the other side.

Your books get better and better, and I refer to them every week for one reason or another.

You occupy such an amazing presence in my brain , and I am grateful to you for improving how I think.

Thank you so much. I hope that fans like me continue to inspire you to do more great work in the years ahead.

Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true!


When exactly were you brainwashed into believing that the best way to earn a living is to have a job?