Happy 5 - 0 Seth!

Good teachers are few and far between. Good mentors are even more difficult to find. You have been and still are both of these things to me-every single day.

Since I started reading, listening and meeting you, my work and my personal life is exceedingly more fulfilling.

I was in a "rut" when I discovered your blog. Then, I wore the bits off of Small is the New Big in my car as I drove towards the dead end-job, that is. Then, I started to blog about your work and why its virtues.

Since then, you've introduced me to the Ebony Hillbillies in NYC at the Linchpin Sessions, I've met you and started my own business. I know... go ahead... it's your birthday... go ahead and say "I told you so!!!"

It is your inspiration-daily-and your body of work that got me out of my "rut" and it's also what keeps me "leaning in" when the going gets tough.

Thank you again, Seth. And I hope you have a truly remarkable day!!!


What happens when you define a win as getting closer to someone who wants the same thing? Or when you define it as improvement over time? Or in creating trust?