When I started the first Smarter Egg learning group for business people, it wasn't clear to any of us how it might develop into a collaborative community.

Then I read Tribes.

I learned that I didn't really need to do all of the work. The passion for learning already existed amongst others. The willingness to engage and support others was out there. At a time when the mainstream message was that the end of the world was nigh, we found people that were willing to believe in their own potential and especially that of others. All I had to do was bring them together.

Soon, the group was reading Tribes. The seed was planted. The lexicon had changed. Now we were talking in tribal terms. The progressives vs. the regressives. The optimists vs. the pessimists. The collaborators vs. the defensive.

One group became two. Then three. Then four. Seven groups have now absorbed the ideas within Tribes and see themselves as being part of one. A tribe.

Within the tribe, there are many who are Seth fans. Some, not so much. Some are Purple Cow enthusiasts (and purple cows themselves). Some are Linchpin enthusiasts (and linchpins themselves).

Here are some stories from the tribe:
Seth's books helped to wake me up from "Sheepwalking" mode, gave me the kick up the backside I didn't know I needed, helped me find that BLOODY TALKING LIZARD, put it in its box and made me realise that I can do it! (@H2OConsult)

Loved the simple nature of the message to the extent I've made reading Linchpin part of my group's personal development. Why? Because it explains what they need to do in this new world, where if you just do what you're told to do, it will be a race to the bottom and those jobs will move away. Inspired, yes, and more importantly confident to take action in being a little more "bold" in expressing my views at meetings attended with more senior management. (@onemustwork)

"Tribes" got me to become a tribal leader: Seth focussed me on communities, habitats & ecosystems - and how I could apply all my skills with purpose. Seth gave me courage - persuaded me people want great leaders, want me to do my very best. Seth changed my writing thru his blogposts - short & inspiring. He got me to make my book chapters short - and storylike. Linchpin spoke to the artist, anarchist, revolutionary in me - I'm using it as a manifesto. (@omaniblog)

Seth, thank you for inspiring the tribe. Happy Birthday.


We've been raised with a false belief. We mistakenly believe that criticism leads to failure. From the time we get to school, we're taught that being noticed is almost always bad. It gets us sent to the principal's office, not to Harvard.