Since discovering Seth's work, my world has changed because...

I began to understand that with an adventurous approach to my life, an open mind and open heart and without expectation of what it might look like on the journey, then I would find riches in all sorts of unexpected ways.

It feels joyful to live from a value of service to myself, my family and friends and my community. The only thing that held me back from being this person was simply one thing - fear. So every time I felt any kind of resistance, I would analyse and ask, is this the kind of fear intended to keep me safe so that I stay alive, or is this the kind of fear that just limits me from my own expansion, i.e. the lizard brain? When I really got the difference between living to survive and living to live, life began to change for the better.

My creativity wheel started turning faster, business ideas cropped up, I got a spring in my step and things began moving forward. I have asked myself if it was just about the timing. Maybe so, but Seth's leadership and clarity has enabled me to fully embrace the changes and wonderful new projects that my "timing" has brought and with a greater sense of humour than I would have otherwise. When the student is ready the teacher appears... I stepped up and shipped (my blog and a business community) against many odds thanks to Seth, his work and the great people around him that I have benefited from interacting with. Hallelujah. Thank you Seth for your brilliant light. Fly Butterfly. Go the Unicorns!


Seven Reasons You Might Fail to Become the Best in the World. You run out of time (and quit). You run out of money (and quit). You get scared (and quit). You're not serious about it (and quit). You lose interest or enthusiasm or settle for being mediocre (and quit). You focus on the short term instead of the long (and quit when the short term gets too hard). You pick the wrong thing at which to be the best in the world (because you don't have the talent).