For many years I toiled in the confines of a large corporation, struggling to maintain motivation in a role that just didn't give me a sense of purpose. Seth's work helped sustain me, and inspire me during this time. Trying to find a sense of purpose, I helped form a Tribe (even before Seth gave it a name) within the organization with the goal to improve employee engagement; this is now the focus of passion and my new business (Psyche).

While I always appreciate Seth for many things, like his approach to giving his gifts for free, his style, or his ability to impart great wisdom in a short blog post (every day!!), lately his gift to me has been motivation. Starting a business is fraught with financial and emotional peril, but when my motivation drops all I have to do is listen to 5-10 minutes of Linchpin on my iPhone, or read Seth's daily blog post, to get energized all over again.

Thank you Seth for sharing your gifts, and I look forward to another 50 years!!

Happy Birthday!


Fear for a linchpin is a clue that you're getting close to doing something important.