Since discovering Seth's work, I've discovered that I am my own cartographer.

I'm reassured that challenges and trees that say "Beware!" don't always mean that you have to turn back.

I realized I have a full belt of tools, all of which I am capable of using in new and creative ways.

I've discovered that walls are only as impermeable as you choose to perceive them.

The light shined on my lizard brain, making it far less menacing.

I have somewhere to go when everyone insists that the world is dark and gray and hopeless.

I have a rich resource of inspiration to keep me warm on the cold scary nights.
Because of Seth Godin, I am better equipped and profoundly inspired to effect positive change.

Seth Godin reminds us of our power to effect positive change - everyday.
I share his ideas to spread the fire.

Don't hide it under a bushel, no - I'm gonna let it shine.


Without leaders, there are no followers. Tribes are about faith - about belief in an idea and in a community. And they are grounded in respect and admiration for the leader of the tribe and for the other members as well. Do you believe in what you do? Every day? It turns out that belief happens to be a brilliant strategy. Three things have happened, pretty much at the same time. All three points to the same (temporarily uncomfortable, but ultimately marvelous) outcome: 1. Many people are starting to realize that they work a lot and that working on stuff they believe in (and making things happen) is much more satisfying than just getting a paycheck and waiting to get fired (or die). 2. Many organizations have discovered that the factory-centric model of producing goods and services is not nearly as profitable as it used to be. 3. Many consumers have decided to spend their money buying things that are factory-produced commodities. And they've decided not to spend their time embracing off-the shelf ideas. Consumers have decided, instead, to spend time and money on fashion, on stories, on things that matter, and on things they believe in.